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Quotes Page

Quotes Page

"Yo mothafuckin Hooooooooo..." -Doggystyle Track 1

"Hoppin' over barb wire fences and shit...that bitch wanna get on my motha.. mothafuckin' sac nigga." -Hip Hop Hits Vol. 2

"Dude, I'm fucked up badcore." -Jules "Juice-God" Manger

"Hey, are you guys awake yet?" -Mrs. Smith to a drunken Juice-God and Ghostface Kylah

"If you want to listen to this rap crap go to the ghetto." "Well, if you want to listen to Marilyn Manson, you can go to Hell!" -dialogue between Becky Johnson and Brendan "Homage King" Yout

"My favorite female rapper is Lil' Kum." -Melissa Gross

"When do the striped pharoahs come into play?" -Kious "the KZA" Wornick

"When I say 'Kious', you say 'Drink'...Kious Drink...Kious Drink!" -Frama of Club Kious

"Give me an 'F'..Give me an 'A'..Give me an 'L'..Give me a 'C'..Give me an 'O'..Give me an 'N'..Give me an 'S'...What's that spell!" -The Barechested Psychos led by Jeff "Inspektahjef" Nelsen

"I lost my pager in the woods. You wanna come help me find it. -Matt "E-Man" Elkins

"Who's/Whose Tommy Hilfiger?" -Kious "KZA" Wornick

"Dude, you just puked up a cigarette." -Ted "Ol' Dirty Basted" Mottola

"Hey Kara, want to go out...Just kidding!!" -Jules "Juice-God" Manger

"Marijuana it rots your brain and stunts your development." -the guy in McDonald's at the Epsom traffic circle

"It smells like plastic forks in here." -Chan "CHZA" Pellock

"She looked like a two-dimensional flap of skin." -Kyle "Ghostface Kylah" Paddleford

"Dude, someone has been leaving bricks everywhere...look, I pick up this can and it's a brick....what the fuck!" -Derek "War God" Bailey attempting to inform us of the presence of Eileen Beers on New Years

"What's your name...what's your name.....My name is Ol' Dirty Bastard...and I'm an alcoholic..(yeah me too nigga)..Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh" -Ol' Dirty Bastard and the Alcoholiks

"The clock on the wall, says two thirty...I like to smoke those blunts and sip my forty." -Jeff "Inspektahjef" Nelsen and Jules "Juice-God" Manger with MD 20/20 rapping B-Boy style

"Get that fucking marijuana out of my house!" -Toffer's mom to Fredrick

"Tabernac!" -Jules "Juice-God" Manger on the mean streets of Montreal

"I will punch you like a wolf!" -Homeless Mexican in Toronto

"Hey, remember that time we all got wasted and..." -the universal story starter

"Dude, I got the new Inspektah Deck." "Really?" "Yeah" "Is it any good?" "I don't know; I didn't get it." -dialogue between Jeff "Inspektahjef" Nelsen and Dan "Method Dan" Shirk

"Dude, back in Arizona, we learned to drive on simulators and a kid in my driving class ate an entire sheet of acid and thinks that he is a glass of orange juice." Willie "Honest Abe" O'Brien

"It smells like plastic forks in here." -Chandzilla

"The Aborted Fetus Economic Theory." -Jules "Juice-God" Manger

"Dude, Why don't you just grab one of our beers out of the backpack?......Shit,I'm making a scene aren't I." -The Nelsen Dogg to the Mangler during an eerie silence at a Hopkinton party

"OK...I'm reloaded!" -guy from Jay-Z's albums

"Robin Steiner is sooooo hot." -Craig "Dela-Dildo" D'Allesandro

"Dude! What the fuck! Someone just threw a rock at my head!" -Jules "Juice-God" Manger at Farmington soccer game

"Fuck the dumb shit...I don't even care." -John "Fuck the Dumb Shit" Whalley in reference to Club Kious

"Hey Scott, get the names of everyone in there so that I can narc on them." -Kevin "the Piggy Stalker Fag" O'Brien

"I just want to dance all over your ass, fucker." -Kious "the KZA" Wornick

"We call this one Terry, because its got a cute, little bottom, just like my wife Terry." -Jon "Raekjon the Chef" Cooper aka the Crocodile Hunter

"I'll kick your ass...I'm going to get you kicked off the school." -Heidi "the Sewer Rat" Smith

"I don't want a beer, because I'm not thirsty." -Dan "Method Dan" Shirk

"My head really hurts; I think I'll ice it...Keystone Ice it!" -Jules "Juice-God" Manger

"Shut the door, I'm nude." -Chan "the CHZA" Pellock

"Canada is the land of many smells." -Kious "KZA" Wornick

"It's the foam, yo." -Jon "Raekjon the Chef" Cooper

"I'll suck your cock for a thousand dollars." -Bridget Fonda in The Big Lebowski

"Fuck the pussy, give me the money and the weed." -Wu-Tang Forever volume 2

"No negligent vomicide" -Kious "the KZA" Wornick

"Negligent metrocide!" -Shirk Dogg

"Hey, what are you doing now?" "Mmm..nothing." "Wanna go fishing?" "Sure." -Typical conversation between the Ghostface Kylah and Juice-God

"Beer: Helping ugly people have sex since 1784." -Caleb's T-Shirt

"It's all about the Chillers." -Aaron "My Old Car Blew Up" Bushold

"Dude, I'm shitfucked." -Jeff "Inspektahjef" Nelsen

"Pull over and eat this." -from the myth of Sara Bucknam

"Why didn't you just use the pomach stumper next to your bed?" -Ted "Ol' Dirty Basted" Mottola

"I got blood on my hands cause there's no remorse...I got blood on my dick cause I fucked a corpse." -DMX

"Will you take off your top?" -Dan "Method Dan" Shirk

"Hey, I just threw up on a snake." -Jeff "Inspektahjef" Nelsen

"Dude, I just jumped over a dead cow in the alley." -Jules "Juice-God" Manger

"Hill, I'll drive to the Y tonight." "I can drive too if you want me to." -dialogue between Jeff "Inspektahjef" Nelsen and Jay "Mastah Hillah" Hill

"Mulpha!" -Kious "the KZA" Wornick

"Switch." Erica "Switch-Hitter" Moltisanti to Kim "Snoop Dogg" Vecchione

"I wish I had my khakis." -Jules "Juice-God" Manger

"Who dick you suckin'?" -DMX skit

"I don't even care, just give me a dog." -Jeff "Inspektahjef" Nelsen

"5-0 Nigga! Fly like Superman!" -Tim Stohr

"Jimsola...Jimsola...Cream of your saliva." -Bailey while sailing the seas of saliva with his Jimsola chainsaw

"You've been Mangled." -Jon "Raekjon the Chef" Cooper

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