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course map and hole descriptions

Bow High Disc Golf Course Map

Hole Descriptions

Hole 1- Road Rash par 3 Think you can clear the pavement? Attempt to go over the out-of-bounds and risk a penalty stroke and the well-being of your driver. Go around it and it's tough to make par.

teeing off at hole 1

Hole 2- Over the River and Through the Woods par 3 Do you have the accuracy to guide your disc through the dense woods? Watch out for hidden streams and mighty pines. Once you leave the woods you'd better hope you don't overshoot and get stuck in the woods again. The fairway has a gradual rise up to the basket

Hole 3- The Hail Mary par 4 Go long! This hole, the longest disc golf hole in New Hampshire, gives the thrower a panoramic view of the high school from a steep bluff above Falcon Stadium. The 50 ft. drop to the football field is helpful in the first throw, or play along the banking for a safer shot.

tee shot from at hole 3

Hole 4- The Mangler par 4 You'd better hope you don't get mangled. It takes some serious arm strength to land atop this 50 ft. grassy knoll. Don't forget about the dogleg right at the top of this hill. The basket is tucked back on the edge of the woods on the left side of the overgrown well-access road.

view from atop the Mangler

second shot on the Mangler

Hole 5- Just Throw It In par 3 Think hole two was tough? Wait till you navigate your way through this short, technical woods hole. No straight shot will let you ace this one.

tee shot from at hole 5

Hole 6- The Everglades par 3 Watch out for gators! Tee off from 30 ft. above the JV soccer field. You need some confidence in your putting to birdie this one. A safer shot is to overshoot the water trap and hit it from the backside.

Everglades tee shot

a tough putt at hole 6

Hole 7- Mt. Everest par 3 Pack you oxygen tanks for this one. If you can thread the needle into the path lined with tangled debris and dense woodland you still need to negotiate the 30 ft. rise riddled with trees of varying size.

approach shot on Mt. Everest

Hole 8- Cliff Hanger par 4 You get some serious distance off your first drive from atop the 30 ft. rocky cliff. You clear the dirt parking lot and baseball diamond with a decent toss and after a couple of good throws you can sink a putt in this basket atop a small rise. Just don't miss your putt by too much or you can easily double bogie.

tee shot for hole 8

Hole 9- I'm Selling Rocks Today par 2 It's tough to stay in-bounds between the faculty parking lot and the dirt boat ramp access road. The basket is just around the corner of a rock wall that raises the tee 10 ft. above the basket. Throw an understable disc for this hole.

tough tee shot at hole 9

easy putt on hole 9

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